Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basketball Coaching Tips | 8 Tips to Planning A Ssuccessful Practice

The Basketball Coaching Tips below are designed to help coaches plan their practices more effectively. These eight tips are very simple and straightforward - yet they can have a tremendous impact on how well a coach plans their practice.

These tips should be followed and implemented by all basketball coaches - regardless of their experience or level of competition. By following these 8 basketball coaching tips, coaches are setting themselves and their players up for success, during practices and games!

1. Coaches should always plan their practices ahead of time. It is best to have a written practice schedule for the entire season. This makes it easier for the coach to stick to establish and stick to their game plan. At the very least, coaches should at least have their entire week planned out in advance.

2. Coaches should use the drills they are most familiar and comfortable with. They should be able to demonstrate these drills as well.

3. When running drills, players should always go at "game speed". They should also get as many repetitions as possible on each drill. By doing these two things, players will become more comfortable with the drills and skills being practiced. This translates into being able to perform them instinctively during game situations.

4. Coaches should only add new drills when the players have mastered the old ones. They should keep it simple and focus on the skills being taught. Players don't need to be overwhelmed with too many drills, this tends to confuse them.

5. Coaches should always teach and stress the importance of teamwork. The players must understand that the team comes before the individual. This is critical to the team's success! This one concept alone will help players become more well-rounded at every aspect of their game.

6. Coaches should discuss the team rules, regulations and policies with the players. Players should always know what is expected of them, and also what is unacceptable behavior or conduct. When a coach is upfront about the rules and consequences for breaking them, players are more likely to respect them.

7. Coaches should always be enthusiastic on and off the court. Players usually feed off of their coach's attitude and personality. If a coach is constantly enthusiastic about the game, this will have a tremendous impact on the players’ attitude and outlook as well.

8. Coaches must always remember that the players they are coaching are far more important than the game they are coaching. Coaches should put the best interest of their players before everything else. They must remember that this is just a game! Make it fun for the kids.


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