Thursday, July 12, 2007

Measuring Your Results

Research shows that 50 minutes of jazzercise burns 250 calories. If you run for five miles, you burn 450 calories. If you were to do this program for the same amount of time (you don't do it for 50 minutes, but for comparison's sake), it would burn 3,500 calories. These are document result. Do you know what 3,500 calories is ? One pound of fat ! There is nothing I know of that will burn one pound of fat and in 50 minutes. The whole idea is not just to burn body fat, but to lose body fat and inches at the same time. This program not just about losing weight. This program is not about food. Most everyone talks about eating less and weighing less. I tell my clients to forget the scale. Throw it out the window. all of you think that if you lose 20 pounds you are going to look good and be fit, that your stomach will be nice and flat, your things tight, your rear and lifted and your waist small. Whatever gave you that idea ? You are going to be flabby and that doesn't look good either. What we really wants is to be fit. We just care about size in this program. There are only five areas we measure : waist, upper abs, lower abs, hips and things. You measure yourself wit a base-line measurement, and than every week you chart your loss week by week so you ca see how much you are losing and where. You can't look 20 when you are 55, but you can skim ten years off the way you look and definitely more than that off the way you fell. The result of this program give you more like a dancer's body limber, lean and flexible. As we get older, we lose our range of motion, and we can't bend, move, and stretch. We need more agility as we get older, more flexibility.

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