Friday, July 13, 2007

Healthy Living

A Holistic Approach To Taking Care Of Yourself

Learning to take care of our health should begin when we are young. As we age, risks of health problems significantly increase. Educating ourselves about age-related diseases is an important first step to improve how we can live healthier.

Factor That Effect Weight

Bottom line: people who are overweight generally eat too much and exercise too little. Every function of the body from building cells to moving muscles requires energy. Energy is measured in calories, which are supplied by the foods we eat. The body burns the calories it needs for its immediate energy requirements, depending on
physical activity. Excess calories are stored in the body’s fat cells. An average woman needs about 2200
calories a day for her average metabolism.

Remember: one pound of fat = 3500 stored calories.

There are a number of physical factors that may effect weight gain:

  • Women tend to weigh more as they age. It is normal for people to be a little heavier as they grow older.
  • A small amount of weight gain does not pose a threat to a person’s health.
  • A woman might not lose all the weight she gained during pregnancy and with each pregnancy the weight can add up.
  • A woman may have a hard time losing weight because of her metabolism – how her body uses the energy from the foods she eats. People burn calories at different rates. Even if you do not overeat, you might still find it hard to lose weight and keep a healthy weight, if you do not exercise.
  • Low thyroid function
Take Control Of What You Eat And maintain a Healthy Weight

A sedentary and fast food environment makes it easy to be overweight. Slimming down is a difficult and time-consuming thing to do. However, there is no easy way around the medically proven fact that proper eating habits and moderate exercise are crucial to keeping your weight in a healthy range and your body physically and mentally fit.

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