Sunday, July 15, 2007

Enjoy The Holday | with less stress

Leave Your Holiday stress Behind

Moderation, flexibility, and creativity: Consider these characteristics the keys to navigating your holidays with less stress.

Moderation: Instead of excess this season, live the mantra "all things in moderation." Think of moderate eating as enjoying the delightful, special fare of the season without overdoing it. Make Healthy Choice� part of your moderate eating plan. At home or at the office, a Healthy Choice meal is a perfect way to balance your nutrition—a great strategy for less stress.

Flexibility: Normal routines get dealt a blow this time of year. Flexibility is a must. Keeping a supply of Healthy Choice meals and soups on hand, ready when you are, allows you to be flexible without sacrificing good nutrition and great flavor. Simply reach for delicious Healthy Choice Complete Selections, such as Asiago Chicken Portobello, or a steaming bowl of Chicken & Dumplings soup. You won't miss a beat when schedules change.

Creativity: Creative solutions can reduce your stress by keeping your nutrition on track. Impromptu get-together at your house? No problem! Whip up some Caf� Selections Pizza, cut into bite-size snacks, and you're good to go. Afraid you'll be late for the holiday concert? No problem. Heat up a creative meal from our Caf� Selections line, and you're right on time.

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