Sunday, July 22, 2007

5 Tips to Get the Best Home Cinema For Your Budget

Time to get your own home cinema, you are finally decided. You go to the store and the salesperson start his pitch : you don't understand a single word other than that he's trying to sell you the "best home cinema ever available on earth".

You shouldn't venture in such unexplored places before preparing yourself. Know the vocabulary and you are sure to get the best home cinema FOR YOU.


When it come to display, the option of taking a CRT TV is the least expensive and the most popular. Many experts agrees that this option offers the best picture quality. To get the best out of your scree, get a 28in. Opt also for a 16:9 flat screen.

We can't apply the "Smart Is Beautiful" rule here. Bigger screens are certainly better than smaller ones. There are even 40in available sets in the market. If you add to them an outstanding sound system,you'll be highly unproductive for the next years !
You can also consider an LCD TV. These can be very expensive. But will give you the best experience. The last two remaining options are plasma screens and projectors.

Plasma screen are highly desirable. They are beautiful, they blend with their environment and beautify your living room. But they can be very expensive. And they require the good equipment to go with it. You will need to buy the rights cables to get the best source without low-grading the image through analog conversion.

The DVD Player

There are all-in-one systems and then the separate home cinema systems. In this case, you will have to shop around for a DVD Player. Ensure that your DVD can read most of the disc format as there a dozen available formats in the market now. Be wary of very cheap DVD player as they can be lacking after-sales and services. Do your research, check magazines and the Internet before deciding. Don't be afraid to ask for demonstration in electronic stores.

DVD players are inexpensive these days, and you can get a brand DVD Player for a few hundreds. It's better to choose these brands DVD player over the cheap alternatives that came from China.

The Best Sound System

Here we come to the sound system. My advice if you are just starting is to get an All-in-one system for your home cinema. This choice will largely depend upon your budget. All-in-One systems offer good value for your money as you will get a sound decoder, an amplifier and speakers for a few hundreds.

If you choose to get each component alone, you need to remember that there are other factors that can dictate your decision. Look around in the room where you will be putting the system, can you put these large speakers and heavy subwoofer here ? Will it blend in the environment ? Then again, All-in-one system can't compare to separates components. Sound quality is noticeably better in the second case. Bose speakers for example are stylish, compact and blend with their surroundings.

Concerning The Speakers

You just need to know that you will need a centre speaker, two rears speakers and a subwoofer. Opt for the less imposing bookshelf variety if you need space.

Where To Buy your Home Cinema

First, start by checking the Internet to get an idea about the home cinema prices. Internet company have lower costs and will be able to sell you the gears for less. Don't forget to check stores around you to get demonstration and ask them if they have a website.

Whatever road you choose, keep looking around and ask for the advice of specialists until you find the ideal system.

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