Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aerobic Breathing Exercise

There is only one way you can eat more and weigh less - by changing your metabolism; and there is only one way of changing your metabolism - by aerobic breathing. We all know that we have to become aerobic to burn body fat. But what is aerobic exercise? Most people think it is running around in the gym doing jazzercise, running, or jumping. The fact is, aerobic exercise means increasing oxygen to the body through breathing. We know that the aerobic part of all exercise comes in the breathing, not in the activity we are doing. Exercise and movement are tools to get us to change our breathing from a shallow type of breathing to deep diaphragmatic breathing. We want to increase the oxygen levels to the blood. Oxygen is a natural fat burner. Whoever said you had to run and move around to get aerobic? The movement and the exertion of the body is a tool to get us to breathe differently.

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