Saturday, July 7, 2007

Refreshing Treats To Help You Coll Off

The lazy days of summer am upon me. This years, try these refreshing treats to help you wake up ( and cool off). It doesn't take exotic ingredients or tons of time to create healthy summertime snacks. The next time you are relaxing outside with family or planning a barbeque with friends and neighbors, keep these quick, refreshing recipes in mind.

Sherbet Seven-Layer Cake
If you are in the mood for something frozen, try satisfying your sweet tooth with all-natural sherbet. If you crave cake, try low-calorie angel food cake. If you want both, this no-stress recipe is perfect for you. Simply slice an angel food cake into three, four, or five layers (depending on your preference ), spread softened sherbet between each layer of cake, and then place the cake in the freezer for an hour. You can get creative with this recipe by using different flavors of sherbet and garnishing the cake with your favorite fresh fruits.

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